July 22, 2011

Remember me Chairs Made From Recycled Clothes are Really Stylin'!

We can have clothing exchanges, yard sales or donate to thrift stores, but sometimes there are old clothes that just can’t find new life. German designer Tobias Juretzek begs to differ. Using a pile of old jeans and shirts, he has recycled the worn out clothes into Rememberme furniture. Old clothes have never been so fashionable!Using cast-off clothing from friends, thrift shops and even his own closet, Juretzek presses the pieces together into chairs and tables.About 13 pounds of used clothing goes into each durable chair. Juretzek soaks each item in resin, before compressing them in a mold to dry. The resulting pieces are (mostly) smooth, and can fully support the weight of an adult.Although made of lumpy clothing, the chairs and tables resemble the structure of wooden or plastic chairs, with points and angles, thanks to the molding process. Aside from the stray button fly or zipper, the surfaces are smoothed out with the resin coating.Juretzek’s concept builds off the memories we attach to clothing. The dress we wore on that first date with Jimmy, or the shirt that was worn when scoring that home run. What happens when that nostalgic piece of clothing becomes too worn, or out of style, or we simply outgrow it?Juretzek weaves memory together with function, creating a useful item that can create new memory- as a fixture in our homes. Not to mention the colorful patterns and textures of the clothing makes for a great conversation piece!The Rememberme chairs are going to be produced this fall by Casamania, an Italian furniture company.

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