August 1, 2011

Clip Chair by De Vorm

Netherlands based contemporary furniture company De Vorm presents their new collection of chairs and tables that hold up their standards of comfort, quality and permanence. 'we are not developing and producing a chairor a table just to sit on or at. Designs by De Vorm are also made to enjoy their use and tell a story,live their own life and develop their own character.' For the last few years, De Vorm has invited younger talent to design products under the company's name allowing for a widening of the de Vorm family. At Milan Design Week 2011 they are represented by this younger talent previewing for the first time four new pieces where  able to visit in Ventura Lambrate.Keeping the philosophy of De Vorm in mind, Sebastian Herkner's 'Clip Chair' has been designed environmentally friendly without wasting any material during the production process. The result is a classic, detail-oriented, solidchair made of selected, high-quality ash. In addition to different colors, the 'Clip Chair' is also available in a cushioned version. The idea behind the ‘Clip’ is the coloring of the attachment between the back and the legs of the chair,where the color stands in direct contrast to the wooden elements. The charm and the beauty of the Clip lies hidden in its functional simplicity.