September 12, 2011

A Collector`s Collection:All About Vitra Mini Chairs

Inspired by the actual collection of iconic chairs housed at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, Vitra mini chairs were created as a way of making the collection available to the public – not just through two-dimensional means, but through the tactile pleasure of meticulously handcrafted, three-dimensional models.The collection spans 188 years of fantastic furniture design.

Newly Released 1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Barrel Chair, 1904 2. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West Chair, 1946  3. Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair, 1956

Recently Retired 1. Andre Dubreuil’s Spine, 1986 2. Frank Gehry’s Rolf’s Chair, 1990 3. Rene Herbst’s Sandows Chair, 1928 4. Josef Hoffman’s Cabaret Bat, 1905 5. Jasper Morrison’s Thinking Man’s Chair, 1986 6. Verner Panton’s Wire Cone Chair, 1988 7. Robert Wilson’s Parzival: A Chair with a Shadow, 1987 8. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Peacock Chair, 1929 9. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Midway Gardens Chair, 1913

Each miniature is packaged in a wooden box, accompanied by an informational booklet.

The Vitra Design Museum This exhibit may appear similar to miniature displays seen elsewhere, but it’s actually a collection of full-size originals. Stunning!
At Jules Seltzer Associates, on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angles, the Vitra collection sits on rows upon rows of glass shelving.

An artist crafts a mass of mini chairs into a modern light fixture.It casts awesome shadows!