October 2, 2011

M3 Chair by Thomas Feichtner

The M3 Chair measures one metre on each side, with diagonal struts connecting the outer corners to its square seat.Produced in the workshops of Austrian company Neue Wiener Werkstätte, the chair will be on show at Theresiengasse 6, 1180 Vienna.The chair is made of one and only one material: oak. This is a conscious choice of materials, harkening back to the woodworking tradition upheld by furniture workshops of yore. The wood renders the chair’s light construction a static experiment which could only succeed in a handmade, unique item. Like many works by Feichtner, the M3 is to be understood as an artistic and experimental examination of design removed from industry and mass-production, as art and design placed in interdisciplinary dialog with one another. The M3 experiment is particularly well-suited to showing that design can free itself from the doctrine of the purely objective and is not automatically obligated to serve industrial utility. It represents a catalyst for the discussion of various positions. The M3 is a contribution to the design festival of the City of Vienna.