November 15, 2011

Chair 107 by Robert Stadler for Thonet

Austrian designer Robert Stadler has created a new bistro chair for Thonet, a brand famed for their bentwood chairs synonymous with cafe culture that have hardly changed in a hundred years.Like the original, Stadler’s Chair 107 can be dismantled for transportation but incorporates a flat backrest and can be produced in a process that’s almost entirely automated.
The original Thonet cafe chairs were designed in 1859, produced in their millions and distributed worldwide.
The details below are from Stadler:
To design a new bistrot chair for Thonet is a touchy task. Initially I was proposed to customize a typical Thonet chair for the Corso restaurants, for which I am in charge of the design.But I preferred to elaborate a new chair instead of producing one more Designer comment on this essential piece of furniture. My starting point was the fact that today chair 214 (historically baptized Nr. 14) is rather expensive, which represents a certain break in regards to Thonet’s history.Indeed the company is renowned for being the first to achieve a world-wide distribution of their furniture thanks to it’s ingenious conception based on dismantling.With chair 107 I focussed on a new design of that element which is now being produced in an almost totally automatic process.

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