September 21, 2012

Projeto Branca-Lisboa’ s Furniture Collection

Marco Sousa Santo, graduate in Product Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon is a multifaceted designer working across various project and design management areas. Currently the Lisbon-based designer uses this city as the inspirational basis for Projeto Branca-Lisboa, developing furniture collections in collaboration with many producers and manufacturers in the north of the country.

RANCA’s main objective is to create a product collection where each piece is the result of an experimental approach, supported by detailed research into the aesthetic and structural qualities of the materials, as well as the most appropriate production methods. BRANCA LISBOA takes pride in working with high quality craft producers, combining their handmade skills with the latest digital production tools.

BRANCA products represent design diligence, as each one is the result of ongoing dialogue and experiments between the craftsman and the designer. Designs are only launched once function, quality, ergonomics, structural integrity, finish and appearance come together as a whole.
By uniting Portuguese craftsmanship traditions with contemporary aesthetics, BRANCA aims to reignite the bygone era when products were developed with patience, expertise, knowledge and integrity, aiming to truly reach the level of a high-end international product brand.

As the co-founder of Proto Design and Experimenta Design , Marco Sousa Santos was one of the leading figures in the new Portuguese Design movement which changed the face of design culture in Portugal.

At the Proto Design studio and later at Experimenta Design, Marco Sousa Santos instigated exhibitions and product collections with Portuguese designers, promoting a new generation of designers on the international circuit, well documented in magazines such as Domus, Interni and Intramuros, among others.
During this period, Marco Sousa Santos also curated major exhibitions of Portuguese Design organised by Aicep, CPD, the British Council, the Lisbon Design Museum and in 2003 and 2004, he was Design Director of the In’nova design fair in Lisbon, organised by AIP/FIL (The Portuguese Industrial Association and International Fair of Lisbon).

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