November 16, 2012

Parrish Collection Chair by Konstantin Grcic produced by Emeco

And again Konstantin Grcic surprised us with his new chair collection. Herzog & De Meuron, architects of the new Parrish art museum, commissioned Konstantin Grcic to design the furnishings to accompany the institution which just opened its doors to the public.He used local materials from . Constructed of  a simple metal frame with wooden seat, employing local materials from local manufacturers.
'Developing the mobile interiors for the Parrish museum brings us to the peculiar psychology around chairs used in public spaces - exploring the idea of comfort and non-comfort. The best you can give someone in a public space is a chair that really feels like a chair. Considering the public self-awareness in a museum seat, the Parrish chair was given a round tube, forming a belt that defines the space around you - a space where you can feel protected. the chair is also spacious, achieved using very little material. Put together the pine on the aluminum chair looks almost like tractor seat, which has something old fashioned and genuine about it. At the final installation the Parrish chairs are strong individuals, yet the collection, I must say, looks even greater in multiplication. a density of tube forms composed in a very nice subtle way, an astonishing view in numbers,' says Grcic.

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