September 9, 2013

ONE loungestol by Anna Karnov

More details from the designer:

The production of the lounge chair involves all residents in the village where the FSC-certified sawmill is located. The women from the village can crochet the designed rug while the men cuts the wood at the sawmill, and thereby contribute to the village’s furniture production. The rug increases the chair’s seating comfort, while creating a contrast between the hard wood and soft yarn.

The chair can be produced in many different types of hardwood that will give many different expressions. Thereby giving focus to the many FSC certified woods available, and encourages a sustainable discussion and attitude.
In addition, a simple change of the color on the rug leads to a new variation and expression of the chair.

The chair is very production friendly. It can be flatpacked and takes up a minimum of space during transport. The packaging measures exactly one half of a europe pallet, and it is thereby easy to stack and transport in a container.

In addition, all parts of the chair consist of wood with the same dimensions and are only joined together by dowels and glue.

The rug can be arranged in four different ways on the chair, due to the single armrest, see photos, thereby making it easy to fit your seating needs.

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