March 1, 2015

Triplette Chair by Paul Menand

The Triplette Chair of French designer Paul Menand takes a complete new approach to the stackable chair concept! Remember when you had to stack or conveniently ‘nest’ each chair on top of each other? Well, forget about that! Triplette chair lucratively hides one of its core characteristics – the series is totally stackable – and lends an air of mystery. The chairs flawlessly connect, creating functional sitting. The 3-in-1 Triplette chair design allows for more flexibility without costing any storage space. So pop-up one chair off the stack and amaze your guests with your magic space saving tricks, reveal the second, and by the stoke of a magic wand, a third chair will appear before their eyes as well! That definitely makes you the‘space saving fairy,’ and all your guests will be talking about your magical stackable Triplette chairs all night long!

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