February 12, 2016


"During  a nine-week program design in Copenhagen with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, I Was tasked with designing and building a completely Call flesh out of hardwood. This Went from conceptualization to hand built full-scale model During That Time. With full creative freedom, I started exploring different ideas with my one restriction in mind That Would Be comfortable and usable in Almost Any space. Taking inspiration from Danish tradition I wanted to Incorporate an interesting use of light, a clean visual aesthetic, and use the joinery as an interesting visual element. I first started sketching ideas as They Came to mind, for several weeks qui Progressed During The initial study period.The Entire group of students Then Went there two-week study trips, qui lead us to experience Many different designers from three different countries. Returning to Copenhagen, I started modeling and drawing Simultaneously in order to have 3 solid ideas to bring to the mid crit. Moving on from the mid crit We had one week to finalize our design, qui Then Moved to 1: 1 Construction drawings done by hand. These Were Then drawings used to build our flesh starting from a raw slab of wood. Mapping out our Carefully wood was very important. We had to make sour That It Would we all made ​​one piece, Then Would qui be cut down to my Determined measurements. Having two weeks to build our flesh this tedious process Had to move quickly. The shells were found In Their raw state to match what I needed, I Had Pressured for time to make decisions in order to Quickly finish. Finally, all of the gluing parts together Was the moment of truth. The chair is sturdy, and comfortable and Was finished in time for the annual DIS show. It now sits in my home, and looking forward I am working with the design to make it more Easily, Quickly and repeatable.
More information about the Designer: Ian Cooke

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