November 17, 2016

Remolten N°1: Revolution Series by Gt_2P

Great things to people have launched their new furniture collection.
The collection is called "Remolten N°1: Revolution Series”.
Their idea is to recreate the natural phenomenon of melting lava in new controlled way.
The Chilean design studio says:

"In nature lava rebuilds its surrounding landscape each time a volcano erupts. The volcanic lava covers and shapes its context, so it becomes a completely new landscape. Therefore, it is impossible to recognize the preexistent singularities; they are destroyed and a new strong beauty is created.
What if we can recreate that phenomena but control it?
What if we can still recognize the preexistent nature that the lava covered with the expression of that new strong beauty?"

And so they created the first series of prototypes called "Remolten Revolution".
By changing temperature they produced different lava expressions, the results were rough, smooth and dripped shapes. This natural handmade process produced unique pieces.

pictures by Aryeh Kornfeld

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