March 29, 2011

The Spring Wood Collection by Carolien Laro

Dutch designer Carolien Laro has created the Spring Wood collection of seating.Spring Wood., developed by Carolien Laro, a graduated student at the Arts Academy St Joost and Amsterdam Wood and Furniture College.Carolien searched for the limits of wood…. with great success! Carolien wanted to bring two contradictions of wood together: rigidity and flexibility. Carolien was very successfull with her idea: she won the Wood Challenge Prize as well as a nomination for the IMI Award as well as the DOEN material prize.Spring Wood seems very simple but it isn’t: it is very complex and laborious. Selecting the right ashwood and machining it. The glueing process followed by the CNC sawing: in total more than 480 CNC groove-milling steps are necessary for one ‘wooden pillow’.