May 9, 2011

La Tour Moinat by 2b Architectes

Lausanne studio 2b Architectes have renovated a 16th century tower in Echandens, Switzerland, by inserting a three-storey larch box.The addition to La Tour Moinat extends from the ground floor to the attic, containing circulation and storage space for the home.The renovation also includes the addition of living spaces in the attic.
A new “piece of furniture” now occupies the tower very much like a “parasite”. It determines at one and the same time the functional organisation of the room layout, the circulation between levels, and the new floor of the attic, which has been lowered to provide 30m2 of additional living space.
This object, which is both a structure in its own right and an integral part of the tower, occupies the entire interior of the original stone building from the entrance to the new space created beneath the rafters.

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