May 7, 2011

PASSIVE HOUSE by Franklin Azzi Architecture

The house is surrounded by two extensions of the canvas that will be rooms or lounges summer. The extension consists of wood, canvas covers a camouflage of the Cuban Army. Above boxes of tissues is a wooden terrace overlooking the valley. Slab of the house is on extensions to the left and right and will include a heated floor and the external industrial sockets.
This slab, which will include intelligent most of the electricity grid and fluid will articulate the house In front of the house is located at a bunker of concrete to make an office / room alone. At the request of the owner this vacation will not be connected to water and EDF. The project therefore meets the requirements of High Environmental Quality's most restrictive, in particular as regards the recovery of rainwater, the use of solar energy (hybrid) and geothermal energy, reduction of raw material by optimizing the efforts to structure.
The elements of this structure, the frame and holes in wood and require no metal yoke. Shipyard dry with only the assembly is done on site and that all recyclable materials from a distance of 100km. Heating wood, vegetable fibers to the walls and insulation, natural ventilation, etc.

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