January 9, 2012

Re- Lounge Chair by Hella Jongerius

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The re-design of the North Delegates' Lounge pays tribute to the history of this crucial space within the United Nations' headquarters in New York, while adding striking contemporary accents. Monumental architectonic interventions alternate with ample attention for material details, tactility and colors. Existing designs alternate with new designs, Dutch designs are mixed with international designs.
The U.N. headquarters were originally completed in 1952 and financed in part by donations from the member states. Between 2009 and 2013 the buildings are being renovated. The Netherlands have adopted the re-design of the North Delegates' Lounge. After a selection process, in which four Dutch design teams competed with each other, the team assembled by Hella Jongerius was selected.
The re-design of the North Delegates' Lounge is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be completed in 2012.