August 26, 2013

Little Giant Chair by Signe Hytte

Description from the designer:
Little Giant is a simple arm chair in ash, with a honest design language. The design is 
based on a tight and conceptual principle that stems from the Japanese Tatami 
patterns. The chair has a conceptual expression, with a focus on: materiality , quality, 
construction and emphasis on the detail. The details are an essential part of the design in 
form of the visual and distinct joints that recur throughout the chair.
The cushion is also part of the chair's design and serves as a kind of upholstery. The 
cushion contributes with a femininity and sympathy to the chair's otherwise stringent 
design. The cushion is made from 100% wool with a heavy cotton filling. The cushion is 
multi-functional and can be moved and placed around the chair as desired and inspires to 
new and different ways of using the chair.
Little Giant has fine and delicate features, which stands in contrast to its slightly large and 
quirky dimensions - therefore the name.

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