January 2, 2015


Canadian designer Darryl Agawin helps user to exercise core muscles while they sat in front of their desk. The stool is an extension of a furniture range Agawin designed to offer busy workers the chance to exercise in the office.

The Balance Stool is made of wood reclaimed from ash trees destroyed by pests such as the emerald ash borer. Each element of the stool is made using computer numerically controlled (CNC) techniques and the legs are then friction fitted into holes in the underside of the seat.The wood is finished with a traditional Danish technique in which pure soap flakes are made into a paste with hot water and applied to the surface of the furniture.

"The concept behind the original No, Sweat! Workspace Workout furniture collection is to help promote an active lifestyle in the work environment.It's not only about finding the time for exercise, but about incorporating it in your daily routines, from taking the stairs, going for a walk and, with the Balance Stool, engaging and strengthening your core muscles in a passive activity. This activity becomes a part of your life, promoting a healthier lifestyle without you realising it." the designer told

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